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Signify's Sunday Reads - 21st March 2021 Week #3

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​Welcome back to another Sunday Reads!! Our weekly blog thats here to help you stay on the pulse of everything functional programming related.

Lets jump right in with, Functional Design by Francis Toth, who describes it as a long overdue post following the talks given at Dawscon, Codemesh and Scala Toronto on the topic - Functional Design.

​JDK 16's Top 5 for Scala by William Narmontas who says 'Every improvement to Java is an improvement to Scala' - what do you think?

​Maciek Gorywoda shared his article, Scala on Android; a transcript for his talk at our Scala Love In The City Conference! 'This talk is not about bashing Apple and cheering for Google. Quite the opposite. Here I just want you to see the size of the Android platform because no matter what we think about it, it’s just too big to be ignored.'

Have you ever questioned The importance of Scala.js?​ Well, William Narmontas says that Scala.js has the potential to change the way we compute.

​Moving on to ZIO; Marek Kadek shared Using ZIO Kafka with offset storage in Postgres for transactional processing, looking at combining Scala functional libraries for fun and productivity.

And if you've only got time for a super quick read then take a look at Extracting the executor for a service.

Happy Reading!!