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Signify's Sunday Reads - 14th March 2021 Week #2

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Welcome to our weekly bulletin, helping you to catch up on everything Scala and FP from the past week...

Programming in Scala by Martin Odersky, released the fifth edition - updated for Scala 3!!

Adam Warski shared Tapir Serverless: a proof of concept, in which he says 'The serverless model has a lot of appeal: simple to deploy, simple to scale, no hardware to manage, and no upfront financial commitments. However...'

​The Scala Center shared the Scala 3 Developer's Preview Survey Results - 'we are not there yet but we are closer than ever!'

Krzysztof Romanowski at Virtus Lab published The future of Scaladoc - where he addresses the fact that 'Scaladoc', the documentation for Scala 2, cannot be used 'as is' with Scala 3.

​Ziverge shared Writing kubectl plugins with ZIO K8s, as they say the new 'library makes extending the Kubernetes CLI toolkit quick and easy.

And finally another post from the Scala Center: GSOC 2021 Here We Come!

Happy Reading!