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10 of the best 'Easter Eggs' in popular video games

Image 2021 04 01 T19 53 15

​Its Easter weekend and while the chocolate easter eggs are great, unfortunately we can't gift those to you across the web.

We want to say Happy Easter by gifting you with some of our favourite tech 'easter eggs' in various different video games.

​1. A Literal Easter Egg - Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Leave it to Grand Theft Auto give players an actual Easter egg. Could things be any more meta?

The VCN building on the northern end of the city sits adjacent to a smaller building with a helipad on top. Jumping from the helipad through the VCN building's nearest window will lead players into this room. Have no fear — the window is a flat texture that looks like an ordinary wall, but Tommy will phase through it and land safely.

Inside the room is a chocolate egg on a pedestal, making this quite literally a video game Easter egg. 

Vice City Stories also features this secret, though the egg will be under construction beside a miniature crane, as that game is a prequel. How adorable!​

2. The Thelma and Louise ending - Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto has a lot of Easter egg's to choose from and everyone has their favourite. This is our favourite: if you steal a chopper and fly over a certain mountainous location after 7pm in the evening, you see a vintage car reenacting the famous ending of Ridley Scott’s movie Thelma and Louise, driving over the edge of a vast edifice. There’s even a group of police cars nearby – although sadly you don’t get Trevor dressed as Harvey Keitel running toward the doomed duo.

​3. The Sarcastic Announcer - Wave Race: Blue Coast

This jet ski racing title on the Nintendo Gamecube has an Easter egg that took 10 years to find. Was it worth it? Probably not — unless you really like getting passive-aggressively insulted about the way you play Wave Race.

Going to the game's options menu and inputting a secret code makes a very bizarre change to the in-game narrator. Using the code and starting a race will reveal that the upbeat announcer is suddenly feeling a lot more grouchy and sarcastic. His words of encouragement suddenly turn into dry quips and insults, and his voice becomes bored and monotone.

4. Jill’s Sandwiches ​- Dead Rising

In Capcom’s original survival horror romp Resident Evil, lead character Jill Valentine is nearly squashed when she’s trapped in a room with an ominously lowering ceiling. Colleague Barry Burton rescues her just in time, though, exclaiming: “You were almost a Jill sandwich!” Later, the developer chose to celebrate its mastery of dialogue with this hilariously named burger joint.

5. Wolfenstein 3D Level - Wolfenstein: The New Order

This ones for sleepy people – the kind who insist on resting in between bouts of saving the world. Once you find yourself at the safe house, bleary eyed and covered in sweat and the blood of your enemies, have a look around for a dirty mattress on the floor. Yes, it sounds like any student night, but in fact it’s your ticket to play a level of Wolfenstein 3D in The New Order’s engine.

Blazkowicz retains his modern model, along with some pickups, but everything else looks like a hyper-focused version of the original. It’s one of our all-time favourite nightmares.

6. The Lucky Coin -Hitman: Blood Money

Everyone knows that Hitman is full of 'in-jokes'. This is our favourite, purely because of the visuals and the mystery - is it a reference or random? In the mission “Til death do us part”, the assassin lead character, Agent 47, must take out the groom at a redneck wedding. But when he goes over to a building behind the dancing guests and shoots a tiny coin submerged in a puddle a group of men in boxer shorts run over and start clapping him.

7. The Secret Disco - The Stanley Parable

For the party people... this is a secret even the most advanced hunters may have missed.

After activating the elevator button in the Monitor Room, hang back and wait around for a minute. After a short time the button will light up again, press it and the monitors will start flashing, the catwalk will light up, and ‘Who Likes to Party’ by Kevin MacLeod (a man who understands music but not basic grammar) will start playing. Whatever else you think of them, the suits who worked for Stanley’s company certainly knew how to let off steam.

8. Potato Jesus Painting - Hitman 2

Take a closer look... In the Sapienza level of Hitman 2 there’s a striking painting hanging on the wall that remained unnoticed for some time.

The painting is a nod to the disastrous Spanish restoration of a painting of Jesus in 2012 – you know, the one that became a meme. It’s difficult to see clearly as it’s lurking in the shadows, .A user interface designer at developer Io, Mortan Elgaar, confirmed the Easter egg ina tweetand highlighted that the painting went unnoticed by fans for two years until one of them decided to take a closer look.

9. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

So you’re playing the Nuketown 2025 map and you’re all, I should shoot all the heads off these mannequins within 90 seconds, right? Good idea! Head to that big TV screen in the middle of the map and play some old-school Atari 2600 Activision games.

10. Batman - Arkham Asylum

For six months after Arkham Asylumwas released, nobody knew about its big Easter egg, so the developers had to show it themselves. Go into the warden’s office inside Arkham Mansion and blow up the left wall by the fireplace. A secret room! And inside the secret room? Blueprints for a city-sized expansion of Arkham Asylum, a teaser for the game’s sequel, Arkham City.