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Signify's Sunday Reads - 7th February 2021 Week #1

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​Another week and lots of Scala news to share!
You may know that Typed API is not without its shortcomings; in this blog post Iaroslav Zeigerman tells us what some of those are, check it out -Making the Spark DataFrame composition type safe(r).
Want to hear about all of the Functional Programming Updates? Well you can in this post from Jason McClellan at 47 degrees.
​Are you new to functional programming and ZIO? This blog is for you:Introduction to Programming with Functional Effects using ZIO. By Jorge Vasquez, its in Spanish and English!
We all know Scala 3 is a hot topic and you'll want to check out this six minute read by Daniel Ciocîrlan looking at Match Types in Scala 3.
Why do we need yet another Akka Persistence plugin? Well in this blog post Marcin Kubala explains some of the some of the design decisions made while developing Akka Persistence Postgres.
Francis Toth shared an article titled Functional Design, looking at an exercise which helps to understand how to express concepts in an intelligible way to convince the reader about your solutions correctness.
​On GitHub we have Some feature, plus some refactoring!
Last but definitely not least, Type Driven API Development Using Scala and Tapir is super useful in explaining the benefits of using the Tapir library and how it can help to demonstrate a code firstapproach to API development in Scala, by Andrea Fiore.