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Signify's Sunday Reads - 28th March Week #4

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​We will start with a Scala read, from Daniel Ciocîrlanat Rock the JVM: Value Classes in Scala explores the problem and presents you with various different approaches to solution.

Haoyi's Programming Blog published, Introducing the com-lihaoyi Github Organization, a short blog to introduce the new com-lihaoyi!

Mihai Saftashared the second part of Pure Functional Stream processing in Scala: Cats and Akkafollowing on from part one, where he looked at how to combine pure functions running in IO and Akka streams using.mapAsync and .unsafeToFuture.

​We love a little 'how-to' ​and if you want to find out how-to Install Apache this blog is for you! It's the perfect 7 step guide with code examples to help you.

Tech Target Talks about; Lightbend launches new Akka Cloud Platform on AWS. This post was written by Darryl K. Taft and it gives a great over view of the new platform.

Daniel Vigovsky published The Coralogix Operator: A Tale of ZIO and Kubernetes a new functionality in Coralogix accounts.

And finally Typelevel Scala asked, Why are Fibres Fast? You'll have to read this blog post to find out!

Happy reading!