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Signify's Sunday Reads - 19th February 2021 Week #3

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​Welcome back to another Sunday Reads; our weekly update, of all of the latest in Scala, in one place!

Want to know a secret? Alexandru Nedelcu will tell you Scala's List has a Secret; 'OOP couples the “data” with the methods operating on it, and that’s considered bad in FP circles, because supposedly data outlives the functions operating on it.'

Mutability in Scala, written by Daniel Ciocirlan. explores what happens as a result of Scala being most Developers second or third language and them being taught mutability as a core principle when learning to code ...and if you prefer you can check out the video version here!

Scala 3 Survey: The Conclusion is a 3-minute read, analysing the data collected from Developers about their experience with the software update so far.

We found a longer piece on Blockchain; Rahasak - Scalable blockchain architecture for enterprise applications.

​Ayush Mittal shared Explicit Nulls in Scala 3, looking at the new optional feature that changes the Type hierarchy when enabled.