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Signify's Sunday Reads - 14th February 2021 Week #2

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​Happy Valentines, if you love Scala then this list of our most loved blogs from the past week is for you!

Why Scala? Well Haoyi will tell you in this blog post; From First Principles: Why Scala? One simple example of why? is the, 'Scala is a language that provides a unique combination of features that most programmers would appreciate.'

​We've got a Scala Cats blog looking at Functors from Krzysztof Grajek called Scala Cats Contravariant Functors.

Mihai Safta shared part 1 of Pure Functional Stream processing in Scala: Cats and Akka!

​On Rock the JVM, Daniel Ciocîrlan shared Idiomatic Error Handling in Scala an 8 minute read, first looking at the background and then three elements with code examples.

For a short 3 minute read on Scala 3...Ayush Mittal published Union and Intersection Types in Scala 3.

​And finally a podcast worth listening to from The Scala Logs, we have Adam Rosien: Cheese Pairings For Effects, on his new book, check it out on Spotify now!