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How to market Haskell to a mainstream programmer by Gabriel Gonzalez at Haskell Love

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What is marketing to you?

At Haskell Love, Gabriel Gonzalez showed us how powerful it can really be for programming!

How to market Haskell to a mainstream programmer

Developers commonly mistake “marketing" to mean “branding", “promotion", or “advertising" which all carry negative connotations of deception, salesmanship, and posturing. In short, developers believe marketing is something that shameless marketing people or tech evangelists do, entirely divorced from the technical quality of the underlying product or project.

Nothing could be further from the truth! Marketing “done right" is a careful prioritization exercise that is a powerful tool in the hands of ordinary developers. A well-chosen project roadmap produces a greater bang for your buck: more mainstream adoption for a far smaller expenditure of effort. In other words, you can avoid overworking or burning yourself out by understanding how projects gain traction, new contributors, and positive referrals.

A large proportion of this talk is based on the book “Crossing the Chasm". The book was originally written for startups, and this talk adopts the book to an open source audience, especially Haskell developers.