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Signify's Sunday Reads - 24th January 2021 Week #4

Image 2021 01 22 T18 38 52

On Wednesday it was Scala's 17th Birthday ​and in celebration Earthly released 5 Blogs for Scala's Birthdayby Adam Gordon Bell.

Chris Birchall published a great Scala blog. Higher-kinded data in Scala looks at use case and shows for the concept 'higher-kinded data', a reasonably well-known concept in the Haskell world, that Chris says he hasn't really seen people use for Scala.

Julien Truffaut released his Monocle 3 Roadmap. Looking at how the next major version of Moncole intends to focus on user experience, especially for beginners and the four primary objectives that have been set for the new version.

We came across Compilers are hard by David Barri, looks at relationships, interactions, type-unsafety and feedback.

Adam Rosien released the book Essentials Effects, telling us 'How to safely create, compose, and execute effectful Scala programs using the Typelevel Cats Effect library.'