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Signify's Sunday Reads - 17th January 2021 Week #3

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​Welcome back to another Sunday Reads, the one-stop-shop for all of the programming and Scala related articles we have loved over the past week.

First up from Dean Wampler, we have Scala 3: Dependent Types, Part II, the second part in Dean's two part series. In part one, which you can read here, he introduced dependent types and in part 2 he delves into this in a little more detail, specifically looking some more sophisticated capabilities provided by dependent typing.

​In sttp client 3 is here!, Adam Warskiwrote all about the latest sttp client stable release, as he says 'After a long series of RC releases, many planned and unplanned changes, the 3.0.0 release is here. Let’s take a brief look at what’s new & changed.'

​From Scala we have Configuring and Suppressing Warnings in Scala by Lukas Rytztakes a look at some of the most common scenarios where the Scala compiler emits warnings.

​We came across a great blog post called Threading best practices in Cats Effectwhich is described as the explanation to frequently asked question: what is the best way to manage threadpools in Cats Effect is and whatContextShiftdoes?

Kiril Yurovnikpublished Kittens High on Catnip - Squeaky Clean Type Class Derivation in Scala. This post starts by examining how you can use auto derivation for faster and more efficient prototyping. Then discusses the caveats when moving to production code, and how you can avoid them.

​And lastly we will leave you with, Six Things Architects Should Know About Akka 2.6a Q&A style blog post on the new Akka release.