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SF Scala: Getting Things Done in the Scala REPL by Li Haoyi

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Li Haoyi

Li Haoyi graduated from MIT with a degree in Computer Science and Engineering, and since then has been a major contributor to the Scala community. He is the author of the book Hands-on Scala Programming, built open-source tools like the Ammonite REPL or Mill build tool, and was an early contributor to Scala.js. Haoyi has used Scala professionally to build distributed backend systems, programming languages, high-performance web applications, and much more.

Li Haoyi gave a talk at our June Scala in the City meet-up also on Interactive Programming in the Scala REPL but this one given at Scale by the Bay is slightly different and is definitely still worth checking out!

The Scala REPL lets you interactively run Scala code snippets and see the results. This talk will explore how far you can stretch the Scala REPL, performing difficult tasks that you may normally associate with larger efforts. Through these exercises, we will see how much useful work you accomplish with a tiny amount of Scala code.

This talk was given by Li Haoyi at Scale by the Bay.