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FP to the Min by John De Goes: Scala in the City Conference

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Want to know the sweet spot for functional programming in Scala?

John De Goes showed us this magical place in his talk at Scala in the City Virtual Conference!

FP to the Min

In 2018, John A. De Goes did a live coding session for the Functional Programming Group entitled, “FP to the Max”. Watched by tens of thousands of Scala developers, the video helped many understand the benefits of the total, deterministic functions. Yet, due to its use of type classes, higher-kinded types, and implicits, many developers were wondering: is this style of programming practical? 

In this highly anticipated sequel to FP to the Max, John shows the sweet spot for functional programming in Scala: a magical place that provides most of the benefits of “FP to the Max”, but in a tiny fraction of the time and effort, with no jargon, no boilerplate, and no ceremony. This is the place that gets colleagues excited about using Scala and helps companies realize the full potential of the powerful programming language. 

Discover how functional programming can help you be more productive and write better code that follows best practices, in a fraction of the time required by other approaches!

This talk was given at Scala in the City Virtual Conference.