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Signify's Sunday Reads - Part 2: Top Picks of 2020

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​Following last weeks, Christmas Special, we are bringing you our New Year Sunday Reads Special - or - Part 2: Our BEST reads from 2020!

This is all of our favourite reads, articles and blog posts from the latter half of the last year. If you missed Part 1, our favourites from the first half, you can catch up here!

First up, an article from Dean Wampler, ahead of the release of the much anticipated and discussed Scala 3, we have Programming in Scala, Third Edition.

And following on from that we have the Scala 3 Migration Guide, taking you through compatibility reference, migration mode and porting macros.

It couldn't be a Signify favourites without a John De Goes post, we love this read; An Introduction to Functional Designpromises to hep you to unlock functional design's power to be simple, natural and practical.

​Wiem Zine Elabidine shared some really useful slides called Friendly Functional Programming.

Daniel Ciocirlan was a firm favourite throughout the year and we also thought his blog on Scala 3 was a top pick! Scala 3: Path-Dependent Types, Type Projections, Dependent Methods and Functions.

Last but not least we have an Adam Warski special,Java 15 through the eyes of a Scala programmer which explores the new Java release, starting with records, it moves on to sealed classes and concludes that the new features in recent Java mean that the code can be more concise because the essence of the problem can be made more visible.