Sunday Reads (13)

Signify's Sunday Reads - 20th December 2020 Week #3

Sunday Reads (13)

​Signify's Sunday Reads is here to help you catch up on all the latest Scala and programming news from the past week.

This week we read a lot about Scala 3, first up we have VirtusLab’s Scala 3 cooperation update; a summary of Virtus Lab's involvement in the Scala 3 ecosystem! Written by Krzysztof Romanowski.

The Scala Center Team released, Scala 3: Crossing the finish line. A preliminary post before the Scala Developers Review, it answers HOW WILL THIS AFFECT MY DAILY WORK OR SIDE PROJECT?

We also have Scala Filesystem Operations (paths, move, copy, list, delete) from mrpowers. It is a little how to blog, helping you to; move a file, copy a file, delete and more!

The Metals Team released an end of year survey, which you can take part in; Metals 2020 Review.

And last but not least we have enforcing Semantic Versioning with sbt-strict-update, a short read with lots of code examples.

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