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Signify's Sunday Reads - 13th December 2020 Week #2

Image 2020 12 13 T10 15 14

​First up we have a BIG question... Is Scala right for you? Is a blogpost including, benefits and case studies from Netflix, Zalando, Twitter and Air BnB.

Next up, a little how-to, Stephane Deroslaux at Functional Works gives us A simple way to write parsers: using the State monad.

Lightbend released an Akka Platform Guide - which is useful for both beginners and also those actively using Akka! The tutorials in this guide show end-to-end use-cases implemented in Akka with the Reactive principles in mind.

Mark "Justin" Waks shares a very short post, with his thoughts on, A Parametric Top Type?

And last but not least, this article is useful if want to use Type Classes with Scala 2. It is a companion blog for Justin Heyes-Jones video, which looks at different type classes as he explains they are not explicitly a part of the Scala language.