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Signify's Sunday Reads - 1st November 2020

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​Want to read all of the Scala and Functional Programming news that you might have missed over the past week?

First up we have the Scala 3 Migration Guide. As the page says 'Scala 3 has been carefully designed to improve the backward and forward compatibility of the Scala programming language.'

A great Akka post, for a quick read, is from Sharon Immaculate Waithira called Akka persistence journal migration it suggests all the things to consider when migrating your akka journal.

Next up we have a slide share from a friendly face... Wiem Zine Elabidine titled Friendly Functional Programming. She says 'Functional programming is one of the possible paradigm that we can use to write applications using Scala.'

This next post is from Javier Ramos, it looks at the processing phases and frameworks predominantly in relation to Apache, called Processing Engines for Big Data.

​Lastly but not least - a spooky season special - Check out ZIOnomicon and 'Master the dark art of creating scalable, type-safe, concurrent apps with ZIO'


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