Sunday Reads (2)

Signify's Sunday Reads - 20th September 2020 Week #3

Sunday Reads (2)

Sunday is one of our favourite days, it is a time when we can get ready for the coming week and what better way than to catch up on all of the past weeks tech news and programming developments.

This week there was some especially great posts! From learns, how to's, ALL the Scala updates and more!

This is a very Scala focused week, we begin with. This one is called Scala, A community powered release, by the Scala Community Center. The post looks at the eight years of progression and 52 projects that have made up the new Scala 3, listing the key categories.

Another Scala post, from the Joe Warren blog, looks at the 4 Ways to Make Changes in Scala they include; An Approach That Nearly Gets There, The State Monad, Philosophical Purity and Recursion Schemes.

One post, comparing two languages, is from Manish Jain at Konstant Infosolutions, he compares and asks; Kotlin vs Scala: What Measures Slither Them In Popularity Over Java?

Natan Silnitsky has a little reflection on the 5 lessons learned from my continuing awesome journey with ZIO with code examples, he evaluates what went well and the things he could have done better.

From an old favourite of ours, Rock the JVM, we have How to Deploy a Scala Application to AWS Lambda. Daniel Ciocirlan says 'in this article we'll write less code than ever. I'll demonstrate how to deploy a Scala application to AWS Lambda, step by step.'