Sunday Reads (1)

Signify Sunday Reads September 13 2020 #2

Sunday Reads (1)

Happy Sunday! It's been a busy week at the Signify Technology office as we hosted our second ever virtual conference which was an amazing success (don't worry there will be videos to come!) and now we are enjoying a calming weekend so we hope you are too!

Before the next week begins, take some time to catch up on all the FP content you might have missed, let's get started.

Purely functional testing in Scala? It's possible! Read up on it in this blog article by Functional programmer, Dimitar Georgiev. Purely functional testing in Scala .

Want to know about Greyhound the powerful pure functional Kafka library? Check out Natan Silnitsky's LambdaConf talk. Greyhound - Powerful Pure Functional Kafka library- λC 20 Global Edition.

It's time for 0.27.0-RC1 of Dotty! Read more here in the article by Anatolii Kmetiuk. Announcing Dotty 0.27.0-RC1 - ScalaJS, performance, stability .

From the Ship Wreck Blog we have a post, which is the second part in a series of posts by David Barri it takes a look at Scala, React and SSR (part 2). But he doesn’t stop there and also asks what about ADT? And SPA routing?

Want to read about a technology that you can use with both front and backend frameworks? This is another React blog post is for you: The Ultimate Guide to React Localization with i18next!

And lastly, we love a little listicle! This one is a ‘top tips’ from Michael Gallagher, called 5 Tips for Sharing code between NuxtJS Projects Lerna, Pages, Layout..

Thanks for catching up with us!