Scala for Beginners


Beginning anything new can be daunting and we know that when beginning a new technology there is a lot to learn... and it can be overwhelming!

But we are lucky that in the programming community and the Scala community especially, people love to give up their time to help others.

And we want to help you! So we have created this blog post with you in mind! A little list of all the BEST talks aimed at those just starting out in Scala...

Firstly, we have a talk a little like a reflection, called Scala best practices I wish someone'd told me about by Nicolas Rinaudo.

The goal of the talk is to show examples of code using bad practices, which are often seen in Scala code. First see if you can spot them! Nicolas will then explain and demonstrate how to avoid them.

This next talk is by Christopher Batey and it explores what you can do in Scala that you can't do in Java? and also what the more practical uses might be of more advanced language features...

This talk is called Scala: Beyond the Basics.

Something a little bit more specific is this very recent talk from Rock the JVM, Lenses, Prisms and Optics in Scala does assume that the viewer knows some essential Scala and is a fan of the DRY principal.. It is perfect if you want to put some of what you've learned to practice or if you feel like the you learn best by doing!

​Another JVM video is, A Monads Approach for Beginners, in Scala. This video suggests you need some essential skills. But promises that although Monads are inherently abstract, they will provide concrete examples!

If you want to add a little bit of Spark(le) then this next video is session one in a series made to explore the Foundations of Apache Spark, as Neeraj Bhadani explains exactly what Apache Spark is, how it can be used for various workloads, its scalability and how it provides various API's.

This video is a popular Scala tutorial for beginners, Complete Scala Reference part 1, is a long and detailed full reference list for the Scala beginner.

And lastly, if you did want a bit more of a concise overview this video promises Scala at LIGHTENING SPEED just over 7minutes exactly! From JVM, its called; Scala at Light Speed, is Part 1: Getting Started..