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The UK Women in Tech community, Scala Twitter drama and fighting the Gender Pay Gap!

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Aliaksandra Sankova is a Scala engineer but she is also heavily involved in the Women in Tech community here in London... in fact, it is one of the main reasons she relocated from Lisbon just over a year ago. After she tried to begin a community there, for women, but couldn't get enough engagement.

Aliaksandra also almost came close to leaving the Scala community after being one of the women made redundant in her team, in March, she found the drama unattractive and was considering Site Reliability  Engineering roles instead...

Watch the Gap... Sasha managed to have THE gender pay gap chat during an interview!

'Women are often made redundant before Men in a team.' 

'Diversity is considered when a company is doing well but when it gets hard, diversity is pushed to the side!' 

We created the Women in Tech youtube series to celebrate the many amazing women who work in tech, celebrate diversity, have conversations about their successes, struggles, journey, the people they have connected with and to make Women in Tech more visible! 

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And if you identify as a woman and you work in tech, then get in touch we'd love to chat!