Sunday Reads (1)

Signify's Sunday Reads - 30th August 2020 Week #5

Sunday Reads (1)

Happy Bank Holiday everyone in the UK!! If you have a few minutes spare and fancy a bit of reading we suggest taking a look at the below blogs and articles;our favourite in programming and tech from the past week.

We'll dive right in to Scala and a blog by David Barri with lots of code!! In Scala, React, and SSR (part 1) he gives a step-by-step run through.

Next up we have a GitHub post, from Sinisa Louc it is titles Concurrency In Scala with Cats-Effect, beginning by defining key terms, the article then moves on to 'Asynchronous boundary'.

Moving on to part three in a series of blogs, we love these posts from Rock the JVM by Daniel Ciocirlan!

He describes the mini series as about using the power of the Scala compiler to enforce complex relationships between types that mean something special to us. In the first part, we defined the "less-than" relationship between numbers as types, and in the second partwe learned to "add" two "numbers" as types.This article is called; Type-Level Programming in Scala, Part 3.

We've got one Akka post this week. From Lightbend, this article is a write up following their chat with Johannes Rudolphand is called Akka HTTP 10.2 Release - Q/A with the Akka team.

Lastly we have a blog post from CatsWhoCode called Elementor Review 2020: The Best Page Builder for WordPress check it out if you want something a little less code heavy, its an interesting read!!