Sunday Reads (8)

Signify's Sunday Reads - 16th August Week #3

Sunday Reads (8)

Sunday Reads your one-stop for everything Scala, functional programming and tech-related that's gone out over the past week.

First up we dive straight in with a Scala blog by Leo Benkel called Scala Knowledge Bits made up of episodes; each episode will teach you about one specific thing and rely on the previous Scala Knowledge Bits to be solved.

Next up... ZIO; Aleksandar Skrbic, he takes a look at the new ZIO.1, just a 15-minute read the post is called Functional Effects with ZIO. It is also following on to his previous article, A Taste of Functional Java.

This little post on GitHub shows you how to Experiment with Loom.

Nimrod Sadeh's post Building a Reactive, Distributed Messaging Server in Scala and Akka with WebSockets takes a look at the tools and system design, it is a clear post with multiple code examples and perfect if you want to really delve into distributed messaging.

We also have a classic blog that we're bringing back this week, Coding habits for Data Scientists by David Tan.

And finally, our favourite this week, from The Coder Stop is Scala String Interpolation by Pradeep Mishra, he shows you how to create your own interpolator!