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Signify's Sunday Reads - 5th July Week #1

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All of the programming, Scala, Functional and Tech blogs that we have been loving over the past week. 

This week we have a two-part series of blog posts on Akka, from Hernan Saab and theHernansote's Blog. 

Part one takes a look at; rendering buttons, setting up the application model, and it is called, Using akka and react to organize your single page scala.js application

 Part 2: The SMAkkaR.js Stack- Using monocle and akka to facilitate model and component reusability in a react scala.js application he looks at setting up monocle and adding/moving lenses.

Both of these posts feature lots of code examples which you know we love!

Next up a classic Scala blog, its One-Click Install for Scala a short precise post, it tells you exactly what you need to know. 

A little throwback blog... and I guess a cheat because it isn't actually from this week but a great post is The Perfect Skill-Set for being a Successful Data Scientist by Tushar Soni

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