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Signify's Sunday Reads - 2nd August Week #1

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Welcome back to another Sunday Reads, the place where you can catch up on everything programming and tech related...

First up, we have a blog by Roman Timushev called Life with fatal warnings  this post explores the value of passing everything on to the compiler and how to do it without receiving constant compilation errors. 

Next, we take a look at a Python post, great for beginners, this post is called New to Python? 10 Acronyms That Every Python Programmer Should Know. It is a very helpful and condensed list which can easily be used as a reference again and again by Yong Cui

Alvin Alexander writes a great blog; this one is called Thinking with Types it is a very short post, but provides all the info you need and some helpful links too!

Moving on to Dotty... this post by Anatolii Kmetiuk on the DottyDocumentation site is an announcement post; Announcing Dotty 0.26.0-RC1 - unified extension methods and more

Because it wouldn't be Sunday Reads without one purely Scala post... we love this little evaluation of the new Scala features by Linas Medžiūnas. Found on Medium this one is called; My favorite new features of Scala 2.13 standard library.

And last but not least let's dive in... into Configuring Metals by Chris Kipp, this blog uses code examples to explore configuration and InitializationOptions!

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