Signify's Sunday Reads - 19th July Week #3


This week we have an array of programming and tech blogs for you to browse through at your leisure... from installation, to reference guides, code, and more!

First up we have Scaling Event Bus by Lukasz Lenart. This article is following on from a previous post; a 'how-to' showing how you can implement an event bus using Akka. This new post takes it one step further by feeding the event bus with internal events!

Next up, short and sweet, from Sébastien Doeraene he tells you exactly how to install Scala because as he asserts he has found it to always be more challenging than necessary!  The post is called; One-Click Install for Scala

Visual Scala Reference; This post is a little bit different, it lists some of the most common functions of the Scala programming language in one place... in alphabetical order... it's the perfect guide to have to refer back to. 

Next up, we came across Joel (Spolsky) On Software's latest post, HASH: a free, online platform for modeling the world. A short but thoughtful opinion piece.

And last but definitely not least! We have What's next for JVM concurrent programming | Global Summit for Java devs'20 by Adam Warski he attempts to answer what could be next... 'Project Loom? Better Futures?'

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