Signify's Sunday Reads - 12th July Week #2


This week the programming blogs and reads did not disappoint, we have articles that cover a range of techy topics from programming languages to opinion pieces, to software.

First up we have a blog post from The Crazy Programmer called Python vs Java – Which Programming Language is Ruling in 2020 by Neeraj Mishra looks at things including Machine Learning, Speed, Web Development and Syntax. 

Something a bit different we have a post all about building your own PC, part number four in the series, Building a PC, Part IX: Downsizing is all about... you guessed it!

Next up we have Webwaste, this post begins by stating that 'the web is obese'. This article uses a lot of language that wouldn't usually be used in a association with tech, as the author Gerry McGovern goes on to say that there is 'a plague of useless images'.

Another great blog from A-List-Apart this week is Connecting the dots by Justin Dauer the reason behind this article is seemingly because Justin thinks that there is two plans one for design and one for culture. 

This next article is from the Phrase blog, A Step-by-Step Guide to Svelte Localization with svelte-i18n v3 this is one with real good code examples and a demo section. 

And to finish this week we thought we'd share with you a little blog that just takes a quick look at the Top 8 Video Call Apps That Become Popular During Covid19 Pandemic.

Happy Reading!

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