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Happy eyeballs live-coding using ZIO by Adam Warski at Scala in the City

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Did Adam Warski's talk at Scala in the City give you happy eyeballs?

It did for us! Make sure you check out the awesome live-coding session with ZIO!

Happy eyeballs live-coding using ZIO

Writing concurrent code which is also safe is a long-lasting battle - and quite often deadlocks and race conditions win despite our best attempts. That’s why new ways to describe processes emerge; structured concurrency is one promising approach.

The “Happy Eyeballs” algorithm is an example that was first used by Nathaniel J. Smith to illustrate various approaches to dealing with concurrency. We'll follow suit and implement the same in Scala, which is *the* language to tame concurrency problems.

The talk will be almost entirely live-coding, explaining first the algorithm, and then going through the implementation using ZIO: creating a description of a process using the available combinators, leveraging interruptibility and fixing bugs, which still seem to be inevitable.

This talk was given by Adam Warski at Scala in the City.