From Zero To Deep Learning With Scala by Fabio Tiriticco at Scala in the City


From zero to Scala? That's what we all need!

And that's what we got at Scala in the City with Fabio Tiriticco so check out his talk.

From Zero To Deep Learning With Scala

Do you want to get started with deep learning using Scala? This talk introduces AI / deep learning from scratch and guides you through an unique image classification use case, for which both dataset and code are provided. At the end of this talk, you will have a basic understanding of the mechanics behind deep learning and a solid starting point for your own experiments. We will build a neural network using Scala and deeplearning4j, train it and then run it on a Raspberry PI to classify images taken with its camera. The goal is to detect reliably if the image contains a plane or not. When so, the picture is tweeted at @PlanesOnBridge. Akka Streams is the engine that ties it all together. 

This project will give us a chance to observe AI bias and briefly touch upon controversial aspects of AI.

This talk was given by Fabio Tiriticco at Scala in the City on the 28th of May.