What's coming in Scala 3 by Josh Suereth and James Ward


What is to come with Scala 3? 

Josh Suereth and James Ward at Devoxx, refactored existing Scala code from 2 to 3 to gives us an insight on what we can look forward to!

What's coming in Scala 3 

Learn about all the cool new features of Scala 3 and how they impact your day to day development. This talk will refactor existing Scala code from 2 to 3, as well as outline transition process for projects. 

We'll cover the following: 

  • Enums and Top level definitions 
  • Deprecating implicit 
  • Type system improvements (union, match, etc.) 
  • Metaprogramming (inline, macros and typeclass derivation) 
  • Additionally, we'll give advice/guidance on adopting Scala 3 and evolving an existing project.

This talk was given at Devoxx 2019 by Josh Suereth and James Ward