The Many Faces of Modularity by Eric Torreborre at Scala in the City Conference


Let's embark on a modularity tour with Eric Torreborre!

Why is it important? What can you achieve?

Find out here.

The Many Faces of Modularity 

Functional Programming is on the rise and many programmers fall in love with the idea that they can build well-behaved programs from small, well-understood, functions. However our community is still wondering how to best build large applications and services. Many techniques co-exist nowadays: functions-only, MTL, effects, Tagless-final, ReaderT pattern, dependency injection... This can be so confusing for newcomers. 
This talk will take a "zoom out" approach and come back to what we are really after: modularity. 
We will embark on a "modularity tour": 
Why is it so important to have modular programs? 
Why is it so hard to achieve modularity? 
What can we expect from today's techniques? 
What can we hope from the ongoing research? 
The attendants should go out from the talk with a renewed interest for seeing their programs as Lego bricks that they can assemble with childlike pleasure!

This talk was given by Eric Torreborre at Scala in the City Conference.