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The Joys of (Z)Streams by Itamar Ravid at the Scala in the City Conference

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ZIO's ZStreams but specifically purely functional streams, Itamar Ravid gives his talk at the #SignifyScalaConf on the basis that he gets great joy out of them!

Streams are a declarative, high-level abstraction for representing many types of programs. In particular, purely functional streams built on top of effect monads are a joy to use for constructing performant, resource safe and concurrent applications. ZIO’s ZStreams library offers a rich and compositional interface for working with functional streams, transducers, and sinks. In this talk, we’ll show how several common patterns that come up in modern applications can be implemented succinctly and elegantly using ZStreams. 

This talk was given by Itamar Ravid at the Scala in the City Conference.