Signify's Sunday Reads - 7th June Week #1


We're bringing you our favorite tech blogs and articles from the past week. 

We will begin with ZIO. This article from Application Development Manderings, looks at ZIO layers and framework integration it also helpfully links further reading in the form of more z layer blogs.

Moving on to Scala we have this article by Adam Rosien, titled Addendum to Alex N's blog post on Scala warnings it is actually a response to a previous article that discussed fatal warnings and listing in Scala. Adam says he learned a lot from this post which is why he took the time to write a responding piece. 

The next post we have been loving is Scalar 2020 whiteboard voting in this post you can see the results for this years whiteboard voting conference (virtual of course), they employed a new method of voting - a Scalar Slack channel! This was written by Adam Warski.

Something a little bit different from learn to code with me we have The 2020 Beginners Guide to Backend Development.

Another slightly different blog is Planet Python definitely worth checking it out!

Let us know if there are any different types of programming blogs you would like to see more of or if you have something you have written which you would like us to feature!

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