Signify's Sunday Reads - 26 June 2020 Week 4


From Cats to ZIO these are the blog posts and articles you don't won't want to miss from the past week.

First up it has to be a Scala blog, it's a lovely easy step-by-step by Alvin Alexander it features real code examples and updates. The post is called; Scala/Mill: Step 1, Creating a new Mill project

We have a Cats blog from Krzysztof Grajek, he covers things including, atomic reference and ref limitations, in his analysis. The post is called Cats Concurrency basics with Ref and Deferred published on Software Mill. 

Slightly different for this week, we actually have an e-book, by Jorge Vasquez, he takes a look at writing modular applications and composability has been one of the core principles of ZIO from the very beginning. The book is called; Learn modularity in ZIO straight from ZIO contributors and he says, writing modular applications allows us to build software no matter the complexity involved. 

Our personal favourite this week; Mr. Roboto: Connecting with Technology it takes a look at personalisation through AI by evaluating concepts such as, anthropomorphization which means to impose human characteristics on something. 

From CodeWall, a really useful blog, is 101 Ways You Can Learn to Code for Free Online. A simple listicle, the post gives a little outline of exactly what the site offers and some cases a little screenshot of what the site looks like. With 101 to chooses from, there is likely to be at least one that can help you and you like. 

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