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Signify's Sunday Reads - 21st June 2020 Week #3

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Welcome back to another Sunday Reads, your weekly listicle of the things we have been enjoying reading over the past week. 

First up a very interesting blog post from Jet Brains it is a post which presents the answers of a questionnaire, distributed to scala developers, in stats and charts. The post is called Scala Programming - The State of Developer Ecosystem in 2020 Infographic and is definitely worth a look!
Next up we have a GitHub special full of code examples its, Playing With Scala - Slick
Then we have another Scala post but this time a little more wordy; it's on the Zalando Case Study: Why they chose Scala? The post runs through Scala or Java, why Zolando specifically chose Scala and the challenges that come with using Scala.
Moving on to ZIO and we have a great blog post from Adam Warski it looks at the recent overhaul of ZIO's environment component. This post is titled; Managing dependencies using ZIO.
And if you are looking for a short post full of code then this one is perfect for you; a quick note on dotty, graaljs interop: structural typing with Selectable

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