Signify's Sunday Reads - 14th June Week #2


Welcome back to the Sunday Reads Club, the best way to set yourself up with some new information and fresh outlook for the coming week! 


First up a very useful read by Pratik Dholakiya on the simple programmer blog, his post is all about Finding New Clients as a Remote Programmer During the Pandemic. His tips include; make use of your network, hone your pitch and be persistent, work on your back-office tasks and more...
Next up, we dive straight into some code with Little Unknown Way To Get Rid Of Switch Statements the guy revealing the secret? Piero Borrelli, he calls it 'performing kindness on your code'.
We love a how-to post and we love this one from Chanin Nantasenamat. Something a little different to our usual Scala, we have part one in a series of blogs, How to Build a Data Science Web App in Python.
And finally, a quick read and an opinion peace, also on Data Science, while we are on the topic, is; Why is Data Science losing its charm? This post is by Harshit Ahuja and he runs through a list of his reasons which includes 'people find data science too easy' - what do you think? Tweet us your opinion @Signify_Tech

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