Monocle 3: A Peek into the Future by Julien Truffaut at Scala in the City Conference


Julien Truffaut takes a look into the future in his talk at the #SignifyScalaConf! 

But he wasn't using a crystal ball, he gives us an insight into what is to come in the new Monocle by evaluating the first version of Monocle which Julien built. 

Optics is a popular topic among library authors; they exist in at least four flavors in Scala: Monocle, Quicklens, Shapeless and Scalaz. Yet end-user applications rarely use them. In this talk, I will discuss the shortcomings of Monocle, a library I created six years ago. And then, I will present game-changing updates that are coming for the next version of Monocle, specifically for Dotty/Scala 3.

This talk was given by Julien Truffaut at the Scala in the City Virtual Conference.