Integrating Scala.Js into an existing full stack app by Devon Miller


This video was published by Software Mill, it forms a part of the Scalar conference 2020 online edition. Devon Miller talks us through the GitHub presentation and sourcecode. He begins by establishing what he means by full-stack and distinguishing frontend and backend. 

He also examines the 'Good Enough' Mantra!

While a greenfield project may allow you to choose technologies you want to use, it may be more common that you must fit into an existing project. Even with a full-stack application, scala.js fits quite easily to an existing project. We will use an example based on nodejs, express, apollo graphql running with typescript and add in scala.js client and server components. We may also touch on the use of graaljs (graal VM) as part of the story for enhancing an existing full-stack application with dotty showing how all parts of scala can be used to scale-out a web application incrementally in an economic fashion without resorting to splitting up a server based solely on technology choices. We'll start with management justification speaking points that could help you justify a mixed language approach.

This talk was given by Devon Miller at the Scalar 2020 conference.