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Functional Effect Systems to the Rescue!: Scala in the City Conference

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Michael Arnaldi gave the second talk at our all-day virtual scala conference! 

He demonstrated the way that the functional effect system; Matechs-Effect can come to the rescue by running us through the core data types of the system.

Functional Effect Systems To The Rescue!

Introducing Matechs-Effect, a fully functional effect system for TypeScript heavily inspired by ZIO. Matechs-Effect allows you to do asynchronous and concurrent programming, dependency injection and much more in a fully type-safe and low boilerplate manner. We are going to go through the core data types of the system (Effect, Managed, Stream) and the available combinators in detail with live coding examples and we are going to take a quick look at the additional modules offered within the standard library like the http client. 

The library is fully open source under MIT license and can be accessed at:

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