100 with ZIO Test by Adam Fraser at Scala in the City Conference


ZIO Test to the rescue! 

Adam Fraser showed us at Scala in the City Conference how the tools of ZIO Test can save us.

100 with ZIO Test 

We’ve written our application, we’re ready to show it to the world, but oh no! We need to test it! Don’t worry! 

ZIO Test to the rescue! In this 30-minute live coding session Adam Fraser, one of the authors of the ZIO Test, will take an application that analyzes web data and walk through how to progressively add test coverage to it. Adam will show how to use the tools of the ZIO Test to handle unit tests, property-based tests, asynchronous tests, and flaky tests. Participants will also learn how to use test aspects to modify tests to satisfy messy real-world requirements. 

Learn how the ZIO Test can help you write your next application more quickly and more confidently!