Why do we celebrate VE Day and how you can celebrate during lockdown?


Traditionally the May bank holiday is usually held on the first Monday of May - May Day! But this year the bank has been pushed back four days and that is because... 

Today is the 75th anniversary since VE Day. In 1945 it was announced in Britain that the war was over after almost six years at war. Although the two are very different, the current pandemic which we find ourselves in has been compared to a World War because of numerous reasons including the fact, people have not been able to see loved ones. 

So when it was announced on Monday 8th April 1945 that the war was over after six years I think we can all imagine a small part of the relief that was felt across Europe, considering we have been in Lockdown in the UK only just over six weeks. 

Thinking about the announcement that the Prime Minister at the time made on the radio is a very strange feeling because it is very similar to the way we will all gather around our TV's, in the UK, to hear Boris' announcement come 7pm this Sunday evening. 

As you can see in the video at the bottom of this page, Europe celebrated VE Day in 1945 with lots of street parties as crowds gathered to drink and dance! Unfortunately today we will need to find new ways, should we choose to celebrate...

How can we celebrate in lockdown:

  • Host a VE Day themed quiz (what else would you do in lockdown?!).
  • Get creative, do a painting or drawing using the colours in the flag - make it into a draw off and judge the best one, if you're feeling competitive.
  • Do some baking and decorate with flag colours.
  • You could have a picnic in your garden if you have one or why not throw a blanket down inside and have one there.
  • Host a wartime themed dinner party. Quite out-there... but you could think about the sort of food and drink people would be eating in 1945 and dress up in 1945 dress! Baker boy hats and sheik headscarves? 
  • You can listen to the Queen's speech.
  • You can take part in a two minutes silence to remember. 
  • You could practice and learn the Lindy-Hop a popular dance at the time.