Stress Management


Yesterday the Signify team had the pleasure of meeting Michelle Flynn - a certified health coach but also can you believe it a recruiter and recruitment coach! As Michelle, her self asserts these two things do not conventionally go hand in hand.

But with her understanding of the stresses of the recruitment world and her personal journey into finding more out about stress and stress management it really works!

Some key takeaways from the session held via zoom was the importance of getting enough sleep and if we are getting less, to look at what the causes might be; like a high caffeine intake, too much screen time and not scheduling time to relax. Did you know that you should be having 5 cycles of 90 minutes of sleep every night - that is equal to 7 and a half hours!

We talked over techniques including:

  • Writing a Calm list - of 10 things which you find calming, so you know what to reach for when you do feel stressed.


  • Practicing the Pomodoro technique (nothing to do with pasta) this technique was developed by  Francesco Cirillo, this is done by breaking work down into small sessions with intervals (usually 25 minutes of work followed by a short break). The aim of this technique is to ensure maximum focus and to avoid being overwhelmed.


  • Finding What your frog is? and tackling it! Eat that frog is a book by Brian Tracy and it is basically the ideology that you should find out what the thing is you don't want to do/don't like doing and just do it - ideally first thing in the morning or as soon as possible - because you will feel better after...


  • Playing the Gratitude Game although it is often much more difficult to do than it is to say but being grateful has a lot to offer. We discussed the way that; How you think affects how you feel which affects how you act!


  • Practicing Meditation to find calm. While many of us may have been intimidated by meditating before, worried or frustrated that we can't do it properly, Michelle emphasises that it is a practice and so it takes time to find the meditation technique which really works for you but just starting small doing a few breathing exercises a day or even just as and when you feel stressed can make all the difference. 


You can check out LovetoLearn on Instagram, as they post weekly live meditations which you can follow along to!