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Signify's Sunday Reads - 3rd May Week #1

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As we enter the first week in May we are here with your weekly update on the programming world, as our Sunday Reads features all our favourite programming blogs from the past week!

Diving straight in with a quick little read for you this Sunday; Code Review Chopped Up by Patryk Studniak as he says, 'Software architecture supposes to reflect business logic and is the most crucial part of software which we should focus on.'

if we take a look at Functional Tracing with Scala is by Ayush Mittal he examines processes; tracing and spanning, when looking at distributed applications.

Now looking at Akka we have a blog post from Aleksandar Skrbic he more specifically looks at The Power of Akka Streams as he helpfully outlines the basic terminology before moving into real code examples.

Next up we have A simple trick to improve type safety of your Scala code as we all strive for better type safety, Marcin Kubala advises us on a simple trick to do so!

Lastly but not least we have a blog from manuel bernhardt called 10000 nodes and beyond with Akka Cluster and Rapid a really great article which includes pictures and graphs! 

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