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Signify's Sunday Reads - 17th May Week #3

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Diving straight into this week's Sunday Reads; our round-up of the past week's BEST blogs and articles...

First up, My-Scala 0.22: Distributed tracing  this blog by Chris Birchall at 47 degree's explores steaming responses now wrapped in F, reorganized modules and removed legacy-avro-decimal-compat modules.

Next up a Java blog, How to Prototype a Web App with Django and Vue.js by Lucero del Alba

Need some help with using a remote server? Pere Villega has got you covered! As he talks us through; setting up your environment, creating your remote developer instance, connecting visual studio code, loading your project, backing up your remote server, performance and more!! The article is called; Using a remote server to build your Scala projects.

Last but not least we have; A story about streaming unique batches in Monix by Kasper Kondzielski it is very helpful and gives real code examples!

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