Signify's Sunday Reads - 10th May Week #2


We hope everyone has been enjoying the bank holiday weekend, staying home and staying safe! This week we have a really great and varied round up of all the blog posts we have been loving!

First and foremost is, of course, is one from the scala-lang blog and it is Important Suggestions in Scala 3 by Julien Richard-Foy it online the problem and how to fix it with code examples.

Next up we have Building your own `promises` in NodeJs from the Functional Works blog and by Narasimha Mujumdar explores the promises functionality of NodeJs. 

This blog is very relevant to discuss at the moment, from Patrycja Dobrowolska it is called COVID-19’s impact on IT outsourcing sector like many people it views the global pandemic as a chance to look at what is happening in the world and in their sector.

We love a little how-to in Sunday Reads and this blog from CodeWall looks at how-to Automatically Download CSV file in PHP.

Last but not least we have Jobs To Be Done this blog is from A-List-Apart a great functionally programming blog! With the help of Jim Kalbach and this particular post, which includes step-by-step guides, you can create a development roadmap and align teams to job stories. 

Happy Reading!

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