#SignifyScalaConf Highlights!


Yesterday we hosted an all-day programming conference... our first-ever conference and what a day it was!

Being a virtual event we were able to reach people across the globe, from Moscow to Seattle, to Berlin, to Spain, Manchester and London and many more!

The positive vibes and interaction on the day made us feel all fuzzy inside; just seeing the amazing community which we are so fortunate to be a part of was incredible. The whole day there was a real buzz, we received great feedback from you all about the talks in the main conference room, we loved seeing the discussions and live code examples happen in the meet the speakers, virtual hallways and you all took to Twitter to share your where you were watching from and of course your thoughts!


We were astonished when we thought that one of you was watching while flying an aircraft! But after some giggles and concern for safety, we were assured that his feet were actually firmly on the ground! 

'Flying an aircraft and programming are two things which require a lot of attention and focus'

And the difference in time-zones didn't stop you guys! It was a long day but too good to miss!!

You all LOVED the talks...

'A Stream a Day Keeps the Doctor away!' - Itamar Ravid 

...stay posted as we will be sharing all of the slides with you very shortly!

We have very nearly hit the £10,000 mark for money raised for charities supporting the fight against covid-19 which is just absolutely incredible and a HUGE thank you to anyone who has already donated! You will be able to donate until next Monday, so if you haven't already and would like to please do here. The charities we will be donating to include the NHS, The World Health Organization and Doctors Without Borders

ALSO watch out as we will shortly announce the two winners of our competition!