Mental Health with Paul McGregor


If there is one thing which the current situation has brought to the forefront of our minds, even more so than usual, is the importance of mental health.

It has taught us that while physical health is important and that is something we often focus on, mental health is equally important. 


Next week is mental health awareness week but as Paul McGregor rightly says, 'we shouldn't wait for one week, we should be able to talk about it openly all the time'.


We had a session with Paul yesterday and some key points we picked out were


  • Choosing your 'non-negotiable' - find something that helps you and practice it on a weekly basis!

  • Change the tradition of a reactive approach - we don't wait until we are really ill or unfit to look after our physical health so why should we when it comes to our mental health?

  • Look at your expectations - are you being too hard on yourself?

  • Get into a routine of doing what YOU love for YOU.

  • Practice gratitude - you could write a list if you are feeling down or one thing a day in a journal; helping to make you more optimistic!

  • Remember you are not alone, let's start talking and be more open when things are not good or bad just... meh.


"Self-care is sometimes made to look like a luxury but it is a priority!" 


We are pledging to be more open about our mental health and one thing which is hopefully going to help us to do that is the everymind app, helping to look after peoples mental health at work.

They 'Aim to normalise mental health conversations through technology'!