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Coffee with Female Founder of Techniclarity Sophie Hebdidge

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Sophie Hebdidge is first and foremost a Software Developer but her passion for bringing people into the tech world, seeing people engage with new technology and her own journey beginning her first business has led her to found Techniclarity. Techniclarity equips female founders with the tech skills they need to run their business. 

We planned to meet with Sophie for a coffee and a chat, as a part of our Prompting Discussions: Women in Tech series on our Signify Youtube page but of course due to current circumstances meeting in person just wasn't possible...

BUT we were eager to make something work and so decided to embrace the virtual reality we are living in and settle for a zoom call!

We discussed A LOT from Sophie's current work at Techniclarity and why she wanted to start the business, to tech in relation to the current pandemic and shifting attitudes towards incorporating more tech into our daily lives.

We also explored Sophie's experience as both a woman beginning her career as a Software developer and transitioning into a female founder... we laughed about the look of shock on people's faces as she introduced herself at times and she tells us why she vowed to never talk about being a women in tech at a conference...

A key theme which we are seeing a lot of people feel is a barrier between tech and the rest of the world and in fact, women and tech is the language that is used - as Sophie says 'sometimes we use confusing language and it really doesn't need to be that difficult, we just need to talk about things in terms everyone can understand.'


It was so lovely talking to Sophie, check out the video below, hope the zoom edition isn't too weird! And stay posted for more Coffee's and Chats to come - virtual or otherwise!