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Signify's Sunday Reads - 26th April 2020

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We hope you are all having a lovely Sunday and if you need something to read, we are of course here with your weekly Sunday Reads. Helping you to stay informed on all the latest Scala and Programming blogs. 

First up if you aren't familiar with ZIO then this one is for you! Posted on the Ziverage blog, An Introduction to ZIO Kafka explains in detail how to set up an application with ZIO Kafka with code examples. 

You can now see the release notes for Scala 2.13.2 on GitHub.

Next up we have a Java user guide from Gradle is The Scala Plugin

A super interesting post from Zara Turtle is Functional Programming for Mortals with Cats her article is  a translation of fpmortals using the more popular Typelevel Cats library and an inclusive, welcoming and safe environment.

Lastly ZIO + Http4s: a simple API client by Juliano Alves an open-source enthusiast, a firm believer that the future belongs to polyglot and functional programming, he explores 'why ZIO' and the implementation of Http4s. 

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