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Haskell in the City: Our FIRST Edition

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Yes, it's true, we ventured into the world of Haskell for our very first Haskell in the City meet-up (virtually of course)!

Thank you to everyone who jumped online to participate and we hope you enjoyed the content. Another massive thank you to both our speakers Simon Hafner, Functional Compiler Engineer and Michael Snoyman, Vice President Of Engineering, both of your talks were very interesting and we personally learnt a lot.

If you didn't get a chance to jump onto the meet-up then don't worry as we have the video ready for you to watch.

Stay posted for more meet-ups, we've got lots more to come...

Haskell in the City

Simon Hafner, Functional Compiler Engineer at Input Output
Title: Row Row Row Your Type
Abstract: Every Haskell developer complained about record types at least once. I am here to offer hope of a brighter future.

Michael Snoyman, Vice President Of Engineering at FP Complete
Title: What Makes Haskell Unique
Abstract: You've probably seen the highlights: Haskell has purity, immutability, referential transparency, and so on. But how does that affect the programs we write? We'll discuss some subtle and not-so-subtle outcomes—both positive and negative—that come from the architectural choices at the root of Haskell.