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Six things you can do in Akka 2.6 by Chris Batey

Gray Metal Chain 1061137

Is six your lucky number? It's lucky for Lightbend Engineer Chris Batey as he showed us his six favourite features of Akka 2.6!

At Scala in the City, Chris Batey highlighted features including; Mutual exclusion, Event sourcing, Work distribution, Distributed state, Distributed processing and gRPC. 

Six things you can do in Akka 2.6

In this talk we'll highlight six features of Akka 2.6.
- Mutual exclusion: Sharing state between multiple requests with the new Actor APIs
- Event sourcing: Modelling state as events
- Work distribution: Distributing work across machines with retries and flow control
- Distributed state: Distribute event sourced actors across machines and route requests
- Distributed processing: Co-locate stateful data processing with Kafka consumers
- gRPC: Front all of this via gRPC

Akka 2.6 introduces improved or a new way of doing each of these tasks with new APIs for event sourcing, sharding, and new features for reliable messaging and co-locating sharded actors with Kafka consumers.

This talk was given by Chris Batey at Scala in the City.